Tuesday, August 25, 2009

missing 2

Was in cinema.
The person next to me
Wasnt you.

I was cold.
The air-condition is making me cold.
I was shaking.

I miss you.
I miss to cuddle under your arms.
You always rub my arms so I wont feel cold.
You put my hand on your tummy to warm with your warmth.

Where are you?
I know I should sleep now.

Monday, August 17, 2009

miss R

I miss him.
No one care.
So go sleep.

Good night.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I am so lost.
I do not know.

I need to sleep.

Thursday, July 30, 2009




不是。姑婆和外婆住在一起,看着我们长大, 是我们的一份子。

现在还在怀念的客家咸茶, 肉饼,春卷, 粽子,现在可真的吃不到了。


从新加波赶回去的那条旅程,我的眼睛没有干过。 我没有理会别人的眼光,我就一直哭,一直哭。。哭到我的隐形眼镜在投诉了,我还在哭。



看着舅舅哭得喘不过气, 我告诉自己,眼泪要往肚子里面吞。




那天,送她的人, 很多。

45分钟的路程, 我们只重复说了一句话:“姑婆,过桥了。”


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yoga & Me

Today is a fruitful day!

I attended my yoga class early in the morning. I have stopped from praticing yoga for ages.

I like yoga.
Yoga brings me to a peaceful mind.

I find achivement and satisfaction in Yoga.

I feel happy when I able to do the challenging posture.

My friends admire on me because I can simply bend and stretch my body here and there for a certain yoga posture. I am proud on myself because I can make it perfectly.

You may think I was born with softer ligaments so i can ov
er strecth/bend my body.
But I think we are equal in everthing.

I believe pratice makes perfect!

I believe in Yoga; I believe I can pose the posture, so I try and try and try, no rush but patiently adjust my body from day to day. Some yoga postures may looked insane. Like this:
When you see people having this yoga posture, you may sound" Wow!!!" or " Urgh! is he/she human? where's his/her bones?" or " it's torturing!" For me, it's in another case. Yoga requires patience.

Everyone can make this..... :
As long as you understand your body well.
I have been using some time to know every part of my body.
Every single movement in yoga will make you understand more about your body.
Listen to your body, you will know more.

You will find the strength and weakness on your body.

Today, I found my right leg is weaker than my left leg.

Everytime I travel by bus, I can feel pain on my right knee.

Well, I have to take care of it and something is wrong on it. :p

Some life lessons I get from yoga:

* The secret of life has become clearer; things become simple when you know yourself more.
* There are so many unfair treatment in life. So what? This is life and we are human. Let's try to accept those imperfections so we can find another way to make things perfect!

I remember my athlete senior strongly suggested me to quit from yoga because he thinks yoga is a kind of " lazy sport "

What do you think?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

just a bit emo

not very good recently
even though I still smile like a sunshine

Things become more complicated
that's not just :" if u dun like, u can leave."
Not that easy..

I cant leave.
I gonna stay.

Thousands of burden on my shoulder now.

How many times I wake up at 4am and stare at the ceiling and cant fall asleep again?
How many times I dream myself working hard in the office?
How many times I find myself sweating?
SzeWei:" I think u are still adapting to new environment."
I hope so.

Most of the time, I am just be quite and think.
I need someone.
I look at my left, no one.
I look at my right, no one.
I am alone.
( Well.....guys, dun get freak with this, i know it's wasting time to think I am alone)

hui e, wen, yeesan, I know u gals are always there for me.
But i am a lonely fighter.
I gonna fight in the toughest war.
I dun wan
Just wan to kick their ass!

Kenny:"sweetheart, u knw you are a fighter! I am proud of you!"
Yes, Sir...I know it....

When I am in something that I not really want , I have to make a change or make a big U-turn, but there are no other roads for me. I have to keep moving and telling myself, :" Come On, I can make it!"(bull-shit)

*** To M
Dear son of bitch~ :) Keep on doing those f*ck things on me! I knw u are reading this! This is for you:" You cant break a broken heart!" I got nothing to lose!

*** To D
What's that for!? Use your brain instead of your butt! U make no sense! So stopping doing that because I am naive not stupid! I know EVERYTHING!

What I wan.....is someone hold me and tell me :" everything will be alright!"
But there is no one.

Anywhere, I gonna stand up and move :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who belongs to where?

Because of my work, I have to explore myself to most of the issues in Ireland.

Republic of Ireland is a beautiful coutry. It was one of the wealthiest country in the earth before economic crisis 2008. People in Republic Ireland is friendly and kind.

While, it might be another story in Northen Ireland. You might be shocked to know how serious the racist attacks that happened in Northen Ireland. The "hot" issue in the Northen Ireland might be 
-->  "They don't belong here," we've been told. "They're taking our jobs," one caller said; "they're taking our benefits" said another.

One fact we should take note is : there is only 1% of the population are non-local residents.
Yet, it is averanging 20 racist attacks every week.

Does a 5-day old babty born in Belfast is belong to here?
Do other European nationals belong to here?
Do people who are trying to make better life for their families belong to here?
How we gonna determine who belong to where?

Maybe......I mean m.a.y.b.e......Northern Ireland is sick.
Academic study has disclosed that Northern Ireland has prejudice and culture. They are intolerance to "foreigners".
A local-study also revealed that , Northen Ireland is the most prejudice place in the Westen country.

Come on! Wake up Northern Ireland!